The whispers of my truth led me home.

Now, let’s find yours, where purpose hums.

My Journey

The pandemic wasn’t just a global crisis; it was also a personal crucible. Leading a vast healthcare system through uncharted waters – the pressure, the heartbreak, the relentless demands – forged me not just as a leader, but as a man. Beneath the tactical decisions and sleepless nights, a deeper awareness ignited. I had to confront my vulnerabilities, rediscover my inner compass, and emerge with a newfound purpose.

While I have had the executive leadership roles managing thousands of staff and hundreds of millions of dollars, it always felt like something was missing. Coming up just short of the joy I knew was lurking somewhere beneath the surface. While I hold a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies, it’s the one to one coaching conversations and inner leadership that has allowed my own growth as well as helping others find more meaning and more wholeness as men. I kept coming back to the idea of a blacksmith transforming iron through the tools of the forge: fire, hammer and anvil. Burning off impurities and reshaping before becoming solid again. 

Life evolves. Achievements that were once no longer satiate the soul. We yearn for depth, connection, and purpose. I’ve walked that path, too. Self-help books and talk therapy weren’t my answers. This is raw, honest work—forging emotional strength, reclaiming your body, and rediscovering your authentic self. It’s messy, transformative, and worth every ounce of effort.

My journey isn’t mine alone. I’m here to share the insights of leading thinkers and experts, to build a community where men lift each other up. When I couldn’t find the community I was searching for I opted to create my own. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. This is your forge, your fire. A place where all men are welcomed, to meet you where you are. This quest willI demand your effort, but the refined man waiting on the other side is your birthright.

I invite you to forge ahead. Learn, grow, and equip yourself with the tools you need. If you crave deeper transformation, my coaching programs will be your furnace. And, in time, we’ll build a brotherhood around the embers, a reminder that we’re never alone in this pursuit of authentic manhood. Start by claiming your free dose of fire—my email newsletter, brimming with advice, inspiration, and the tools to forge your own legacy.

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